Relaxed Wedding Photographer |

I bloody love a good black and white photo!

Black and white images not only have the benefit of being timeless (I personally think about my Grandparents wedding photos!) but you can really see the magical appeal to them also

Sometimes with colour photos, it can take a moment for the eye to take in all the colours and vibrancy, and with a black and white image, it is much easier for the viewer to connect with what is happening!

While shooting a wedding, I can usually pinpoint what photos I’d like to make black and white and then sometimes in the editing stage, I’ll try a few select ones that I wouldn’t have thought of and it definitely gives them a big wow factor 🖤

I love black and white photos during quiet and calm moments, like bridal prep, couple photos, amazing candid moments and even in the evening for the dancing and sparklers! I think it works for all parts of the day – it’s all about the moment

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