destination wedding photographer

Do you travel for weddings?
Yes! I love to travel! I’ve already done a few weddings abroad and it was amazing! I’m happy to go anywhere in the world to document your wedding.

What’s the best way to get in touch?
Send me an email ( and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours!

How do we secure the date?
Your date is secured upon the signing of a contract and paying a £650 non-refundable booking fee. The rest of the payment is due no late than 4 weeks before the wedding. I also offer a 3 part payment plan to spread the cost!

Do we have to provide food for you?
It would be really appreciated, yes! Weddings are long days on my feet and a hot meal can give a boost of energy. Venues sometimes have affordable meals especially for suppliers on the day, so definitely worth asking your venue/catering company to see what they can offer your photographer or band if they’re working long hours!

How many photographs do we get?
I don’t have a set amount of photographs that you will get and there is definitely no cap on the amount you’ll receive! I will take photographs of everything beautiful and wonderful throughout the day, and you’ll receive all of the final edited photographs. The more moments and details there are to photograph, the more photographs you will receive! Usually, a full day of photography, you can expect to receive between 400-500 wedding photographs. The only ones I don’t include are, test shots, out of focus images, or where people are blinking :)

Do we need a second photographer?
There are a few reasons why I recommend a second photographer for your day; If you would like lots more photos of your day, if you have groom prep in a different location, different perspective during speeches/ceremony and more candids, or have over 100 guests – I can bring along a great second photographer for £300!

When will we see the photographs?
I aim to have your full password-protected online gallery completed in four weeks. This will allow you to view your edited images from the day, as well as selecting those you would like for your album.

Can friends and family view images?
All images are placed onto a private gallery. If you give friends and family the link, they can also view your photos from the day.

Can I upload the images to Facebook/Instagram?
Absolutely!  I kindly request that you add ‘Photography © Siobhan Amy Photography \\‘ photo credit to the description of each image (tagging my page on social media – @Siobhan Amy Photography on Facebook, @siobhanamyphoto on Instagram).

How does the album design process work?
After you have viewed and picked your images, you can design your album through your gallery store portal – it can automatically design one for you, based on your most viewed images but you also have the option to start from scratch and have complete creative control! If you don’t have time – I can design the album for you for an additional fee

Where can we find more about your packages?
Get in touch with me for a pride guide :)

Do you have backups with you?
I do indeed. I bring multiple camera bodies and have backups for everything.

Are you fully insured?
Yes, all my equipment is fully insured and I am covered by public liability and indemnity insurance with Policy Bee.

If you have any questions, I’d love to chat! Feel free to send me an email at