Lifestyle Films

This is a session about real life and preserving memories of your favourite people and the things you normally do together. Film is magical. Film captures mannerisms, voices, interactions and LIFE.

There is no requirement to dress up or find matching wardrobes, to have a perfect looking home, or worry about how your children will behave, it’s supposed to be real! Because who wants memories of tantrums, stress and bribery! Let’s cherish the real memories.

These sessions are best suited to families with young children who won’t be shy of the camera, but they can be flexible.

family film uk

  • Captures your life right now, in film
  • At your home or at a location of your choosing (berry picking, favourite beach, going for a walk…especially if your home is very dark and void of natural light)
  • Will document a specific time of day where a lot of normal, busy things happen, such as bedtime, the morning rush, dinner time or a Saturday morning. What are some things about life right now that you want to hold on to forever? Is this a special time in your life with a new baby arriving or are you moving into a new home? Let’s film it!
  • 15-20 images taken throughout the session
  • 2 hours coverage (more coverage available for an additional charge of £50/hour)
  • Video download included in HD

If you are interested in a family film, please get in touch here!