Bristol wedding photographer

As a Bristol wedding photographer, working from home, you don’t have co-workers and there’s no water cooler to gossip around. Meeting passionate people in your industry is something you actively have to go and do!

A few weeks back, I attended The Wedding Sessions here in Bristol. It was held at Jamie’s Italian and we were provided with some very yummy food for lunch. Helloooo pasta ;)

The Wedding Sessions is run by Kristen from The Little Wedding Helper & Emma from The Wedding Reporter.

It was great to hear Kristen & Emma chat about their experiences in starting a business and keep it running onwards and upwards. We also got to talk about our fears, difficulties and goals in running our own business.

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The flowers and cookies were provided by Emma Norton Flowers & Bake My Cake.

I would highly recommend going to the The Wedding Sessions! I loved meeting everyone and you leave with a head brimming with ideas and advice on running a successful wedding based business. Thanks ladies!