Destination Wedding Photographer //

Sophie & Matt were introduced by a mutual friend in London a few years ago and the rest they say, is history! Guests had arrived from all over the world with most coming from the UK and Australia and #meetusinthemiddle with Oman being the perfect middle point and also very special to Sophie and her family as it’s where she grew up (and we met many years ago!) It meant that it could feel like a little bit of a holiday for everyone 😊

They had their stationary designed with two little birds, a robin and a kookaburra – one for each country and the two birds popped up in a few other places during the day!

Matt and his groomsmen had a relaxing morning, having a swim in the infinity pool and a few whiskeys before getting ready.

As the sun started to slowly set, Sophie took the long walk out of her room with her Dad, and made her way to the aisle. Hotel guests came out for a little peek at her in her gorgeous Halfpenny dress and flowers from The Flower Shop 😍

It’s always these moments during the walk down the aisle that I LOVE capturing, I imagine it goes in slow motion for a lot of brides and grooms but for me, it happens so fast and I want to capture everything! People smiling, wiping away tears, all the emotions 😊 This is why it was super important that I had a 2nd photographer who can be another set of eyes, and capture moments I can’t!

It was an emotional ceremony with Sophie’s brother Ben, and close friend giving readings and antidotes of the couple – it was lovely and relaxed with no pressure for it to be structured and not to feel like ‘them’. They also exchanged handmade rings designed by themselves which was a really unique touch to the day.

Side note: Sophie is also an amazing jewellery designer!

After the ceremony, we had a few precious moments of golden hour (or a golden 20 min in Oman’s case!) where they had a few moments to themselves before their joined their guests for some confetti and drinks!

As everyone had sat down to eat and were chatting, one of the waiting managers came out to announce that it was one of the head chefs last day and he wanted to say a few words…which turned into an opera song of goodbye!

Which then turned into another waiter coming out to sing, turning into a major sing off and then all of a sudden, napkins were being swung, ‘That’s A’more’ was being sung by everyone, arms round each other, crying with laughter and then BAM!


If only all weddings had conga lines – I was so tempted to join in! It was a packed few minutes with me jumping from chair to chair to get the best vantage point!

They had a great first dance to one of my favourite Ella Fitzgerald songs and then everyone busted out their best dance moves for a few hours, dancing to some classics – those Aussies know how to mooooove!

Congratulations Sophie & Matt! Thank you so much for having me and Agnes along – your day was amazing 💕💕💕

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2nd Photographer: Agnes Black
Venue: The Chedi Muscat
Dress: Halfpenny London
Flowers: The Flower Shop