Micro Wedding Ideas

micro wedding ideas

With Covid still affecting weddings from 2020 through to 2021, micro weddings are increasing, due to guest restrictions and couples deciding they wanted to get married without the stress of pandemic planning!

Here are some of the best perks of having a micro wedding:

  • You can still have an amazing day, how you want it to be!
  • You can spend more money on your biggest priorities
  • The overall cost of your wedding is likely to be cheaper
  • You can create a more intimate and personal day
  • You can spend more individual time with loved ones
  • Fewer guests means less stress and a more relaxed atmosphere!

Your day will still have a ceremony and reception, but you can have them how you like – why not have an outdoor wedding, followed by a casual BBQ or renting out a private room at a restaurant with some speeches!

Think about having a weekday wedding?

Booking a weekday wedding means your costs will be cheaper – allowing you to spend more money on your guests’ experience – and your chosen suppliers are more likely to be available.

Privacy is often a key deciding factor in having a small wedding, and it can be a great idea to ask your guests to not put any photos on social media (or even ask them to not take any at all during your ceremony, if you’ve got a photographer!) This is also a good way to fully experience the moment :)

Here are some ideas after getting married, either by yourselves or with your small group of guests!

**Champagne picnic | BBQ | Hike to your favourite spot | Hire a private room at a restaurant to dine in | Cocktails at a local bar**

Not having a DJ or band, but still want music? Bring a record player and play your favourite tunes! Don’t want a cake? Why not have waffles, doughnuts or we can stop at a local cafe/bakery for some takeaway goodies!

If you’re thinking of having a micro wedding, you can view some of my favourites linked below, and get in touch here so we can chat about your plans!